Danasupra Erapacific Tbk (DEFI) to Transition into Investment Company

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- PT Danasupra Erapacific Tbk (DEFI), a financing company, announced that it will be transitioning into an investment company after being unable to continue its financing operations. 

The company's President Director, Irianto Kusumadjadja, stated that DEFI is currently coordinating with external auditors to conduct its annual financial report audit. The results of this audit will be used as the base information for the assessment of the feasibility study on the company's business change plan.

According to Mr. Kusumadjadja, the first quarter of 2023 will see the completion of the external audit of DEFI's financial report as of December 31st, 2022, as well as the evaluation of the business change plan by public appraisal offices, including potential companies that will receive investments from DEFI. 

The company will also disclose information to shareholders regarding its business change plan during Q1 2023, and will hold a general meeting of shareholders to seek approval for the change in business activity.

In the second quarter of 2023, DEFI will hold its general meeting of shareholders with the agenda of requesting approval for the change in business activity, and will submit the meeting's minutes to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the capital market. 

The company will also obtain the necessary licenses and begin its new business as an investment company in the third quarter of 2023.

Mr. Kusumadjadja emphasized that DEFI will continue to receive support and commitment from its majority shareholders and controllers in order to continue its business operations as an issuer and to become an investment company. 

He added that the company's operations are currently running as usual, with a streamlined organizational structure that is focused on resolving its debt obligations.

The company's current financial position is not in surplus due to stagnant income generated only from existing debtors and ongoing operational expenses. However, Mr. Kusumadjadja stated that DEFI does not have any debts or obligations to other parties.

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