Results of the 2024 Indonesian Candidate Survey, Who is the Champion?

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Three national survey agencies released survey results about who should be the candidate for president in 2024. Who are the winners of the three survey agencies?

Of the three national survey institutions, namely Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC), Charta Politika Indonesia, and Indonesian Political Indicators, the result is that Prabowo ranks first as a figure considered by the public to be able to enter the 2024 Presidential Candidate Exchange.

The following three survey results were reported from detikcom:

Results of the SMRC Survey

From the SMRC survey, the name President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is in the top position. Then Prabowo ranks second with a percentage of 13.4%.

The percentage results of both Jokowi and Prabowo beat other candidates such as DKI Governor Anies Baswedan, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

The national SMRC survey was conducted on 28 February-8 March 2021 involving 1,064 respondents who were randomly selected and interviewed face-to-face. The research margin of error is ± 3.07%.

Here are the results:

1. Jokowi 15.2%

2. Prabowo 13.4%

3.Ganjar Pranowo 6.1%

4. Anies Baswedan 5.4%

5. Sandiaga Uno 3.1%

6. Ridwan Kamil 2,2%

7. Basuki T Purnama 2.0%

8. Hary Tanoe 1.2%

9. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono 0.9%

10. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono 0.7%

In the semi-open question format, Prabowo Subianto received the most support at 20%, followed by Anies Baswedan (11.2%), Ganjar Pranowo (8.8%), Sandiaga Uno (5%), Ridwan Kamil (4.8%), Basuki T Purnama (4.8%), AHY (3.5%), and Tri Rismaharini (3.1%). Other names are below 3% and those who don't know 17.6%.

In a closed choice simulation of 15 names, Prabowo Subianto received the most support (20.8%), followed by Anies Baswedan (13.1%), Ganjar Pranowo (12%), Sandiaga Uno (7.4%), Ridwan Kamil (6 , 7%), AHY (5.2%), Tri Rismaharini (5.2%), and other names below 3%. Those who don't know are 19.7%.

Indonesian Politika Charta Survey Results

In a survey conducted by Charta Politika Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto's name was in the top rank with a percentage of 19.4%. Prabowo was able to beat 17 other well-known names who were included in the 2024 presidential candidate market.

The survey method used was a systematic randomization sampling method of 1,200 respondents. The tolerance for error (margin of error) is around 2.83 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent. The survey was conducted on March 20-24, 2021. Respondents were Indonesian citizens aged over 17 years.

"The presidential election simulated 12 names, Prabowo Subianto 19.6 percent," said Charta Politika in a written statement.

The results are as follows:

1. Prabowo Subianto 19.6%

2.Ganjar Pranowo 16.0%

3. Anies Baswedan 12.6%

4. Sandiaga Uno 9.3%

5. Ridwan Kamil 8.1%

6. Tri Rismaharini 5.3%

7. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono 4.8%

8. Mahfud MD 3.8%

9. Erick Thohir 2.1%

10. Moeldoko 1.3%

11. Puan Maharani 1.2%

12. Gatot Nurmantyo 0.6%

Indonesian Political Indicator Survey Results

The Indonesian Political Indicators survey institute, which came from millennial votes, Prabowo was defeated by Anies Baswedan. Prabowo ranks fifth with a percentage of 9.5%

The survey method used simple random sampling as many as 206,983 respondents who were randomly distributed. The error tolerance (margin of error) is around 2.9% with a confidence level of 95%.

The survey was held on March 4-10. The total sample survey that was successfully interviewed was 1,200 respondents who were Indonesian citizens aged 17-21.

Executive Director of Indonesian Political Indicators Burhanuddin Muhtadi said the question posed was if the presidential election was held at this time. As a result, 15.2% of young people chose Anies Baswedan to become president.

"But among the 17 names with the highest absolute, Anies Baswedan is at 15.2 percent," said Burhanuddin in a virtual discussion on Sunday (21/3/2021).

Burhanuddin explained that Anies Baswedan's vote was contributed by Prabowo-Sandi's voters during the 2019 Presidential Election. This is what then divided Prabowo's vote.

"Well, in general, according to our findings, Pak Jokowi's voters spread, while Anies had the most, he got support among those who voted for Pak Prabowo-Sandi in 2019 yesterday," he said.

The results are as follows:

1. Anies Baswedan 15.2%

2.Ganjar Pranowo 13.7%

3. Ridwan kamil 10.2%

4. Sandiaga Uno 9.8%

5. Prabowo Subianto 9.5%

6. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono 4.1%

7. Erick Thohir 1.5%

8. Tito Karnavian 1.2%

9. Puan Maharani 1.1%

10. Gatot Nurmantyo 0.8%

11. Khofifah Indar Parawansa 0.7%

12. Maruf Amen 0.4%

13. Budi Gunawan 0.4%

14. Bambang Soesatyo 0.4%

15. Airlangga Hartarto 0.2%

16. Mahfud Md 0.2%

17.Muhaimin Iskandar 0.0%

Source: CNBCIndonesia

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