BRI's Net Profit for the First Quarter of 2021 Shrinks 16% to IDR 6.86 Trillion

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  • Despite falling profits, BRI's assets grew positively by 3.8% to Rp 1,411 trillion over the same period the previous year.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI posted a consolidated net profit of Rp. 6.86 trillion in the first quarter of 2021. 

This figure is down 16% from the achievement of the same period last year of Rp. 8.17 trillion. 

President Director of BRI Sunarso said, despite the decline in net profit, the company's total assets in the first quarter of this year grew positively by 3.8% to Rp 1,411 trillion compared to the same period the previous year of Rp 1,358 trillion. 

"From the financing side, BRI has disbursed Rp. 736.8 trillion for Medium, Small and Micro Business (UMKM) loans, while Rp. 177.39 trillion for non-MSMEs," he said in a public expose, Tuesday (25/5).

BRI's MSME loan portion was recorded at 80.6% of all BRI lending. The company targets the loan portion to increase to 85 percent this year. BRI's net interest margin (NIM) was recorded at 6.82%, down from 6.59%. 

On the other hand, the ratio of non-performing loans (NPL) was at the level of 3.16%. 

"For NPL, we also reserve the cost of up to 250.6% or Rp 73 trillion in case of deteriorating asset quality. I hope that the end of this year will not be as high as 2020 because the economy will be better," he said. 

In terms of liabilities, BRI collected Third Party Funds (DPK) of IDR 1,049.23 trillion or grew 1.97% Year on Year (YoY). 

Third party funds consist of Rp. 443.87 trillion in savings, Rp. 174.33 trillion in current accounts, and Rp. 431.12 trillion in deposits. Improving the performance of DPK also improves the performance of funding, including cheap funds. 

"Previously it was 55.9%, the end of March this will be 58.91%," he said. 

Sunarso said that his party deliberately kept the growth in deposits at only 1.9% level. The reason is, there would be no point in seeking too much funds if they could not be channeled into credit. 

In the end, this makes the company's loan to deposit ratio (LDR) only at the level of 87.12%. Meanwhile, BRI's Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) was at 19.74% from the original 18.23%.

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