Expert: Covid-19 in Indonesia is like a hurricane, it can be like India

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Australian Griffith University epidemiologist Dicky Budiman said that he made two active covid-19 case models for cases in Indonesia.

According to him, referring to the modeling, currently Indonesia should be in the range of 80 thousand cases per day. In fact, referring to the matrix modeling, it is estimated that the cases reached 100 thousand per day.

"Data is now dangerous, people are ignorant. People feel good. Miss management in data, the implication is very serious, it becomes a misinterpretation. Then the miss strategy is automatically the wrong strategy," he told CNBC Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (11/5/ 2021).

He emphasized, don't be lulled by the sloping hospital occupancy rate. because, based on research, 80% of Indonesia's population if they are sick will stay at home. This is what makes the data in the field, the current figure shows that the increase in daily cases tends to slope without a spike.

"When it has jumped, it is too late. It can be like India," he said.

According to him, currently with a test positivity rate Indonesia is above 10%, which means that the pandemic is out of control. In an analogy, a pandemic in Indonesia is like a hurricane that anyone can be affected by.

"It's not strange, if people are tested, travelers, people walking at random malls are tested, don't be surprised if the results are mostly positive because they are everywhere," he concluded.

Previously, he said, the positive number of Covid-19 in RI was predicted to be 10 times higher than the daily data reported. Covid-19 in Indonesia is already at an alarming level. Like India, Corona in Indonesia has many undetected clusters.

Especially in the midst of the entry of a number of variants of concern (VOC) and unrestricted mobility.

"Because if our test is increased by hundreds of thousands we do not really need to be surprised because it already exists, only us because our minimum 3 T makes it very dangerous," he concluded.

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