Medco Energi International, Telkom Group, and ST Dynamo Holdings Partner to Develop New Data Center in Batam

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- Medco Energi International's subsidiary, PT Medco Power Indonesia, is partnering with Telkom Group through NeutraDC and ST Dynamo Holdings to develop a new data center in the Kabil Industrial Estate, Batam.

The signing of the head of agreement was held simultaneously with the inaugural stone laying ceremony, attended by Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises II Kartika Wirjoatmodjo and also attended by President Director of Medco Power Eka Satria, Telkom CEO Ririek Adriansyah, Telkom Indonesia Wholesale and International Service Director Bogi Witjaksono, and Singtel Group CEO Yuen Kuan Moon.

President Director of Medco Power, Eka Satria, stated that the data center is expected to play a crucial role as a regional and domestic connectivity hub and will utilize clean and renewable energy that will be supplied by Medco Power.

"Medco Power will work with Telkom Group and Singtel to develop a data center in Batam and provide reliable, clean, and environmentally friendly electricity," he explained on Wednesday (12/21/2022).

At the same time, CEO of Medco Energi, Roberto Lorato, added that this collaboration is part of the company's commitment to providing clean and renewable energy to support Medco's business partners.

"In line with the company's target to achieve net zero emissions," he said.

Meanwhile, as of September 2022, Medco Energi International has recorded revenues of $1.8 billion until September 30, 2022. The value has soared by approximately 89% year on year from $955.92 million.

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