Transcoal Pacific (TCPI) Secures IDR 1.5 Trillion Contract

Daftar Isi [Tampilkan]

- PT Transcoal Pacific Tbk (TCPI) has secured a new contract worth IDR 1.5 trillion for coal transportation. The contract will be in effect for five years.

TCPI's Director, Erizal Darwis, said that the acquisition of this new contract will have a positive impact on the company's operations. "The continuity of the business is well maintained and guaranteed," said Erizal in a public statement, quoted on Friday (23/12/2022).

The company has no affiliation with the customer. In this agreement, the company is obligated to transport and deliver the customer's coal in accordance with the provisions set out in the contract.

On the other hand, the company is also entitled to receive payment for coal transportation costs in accordance with the provisions set out in the contract.

In addition to this new contract, as of the end of September 2022, the company has realized a number of contracts with coal mining companies in South Kalimantan for coal transportation services and floating crane services, with a realization of 5.49 million metric tons.

The company has also realized a contract with a coal mining company in East Kalimantan for 17.27 metric tons, a contract with a HSD solar trading company with a realization of 82,067 kiloliters, and a contract with a CPO trading company with a realization of 15,230 kiloliters.

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