Apple Cancels Plans for iPhone SE 4 Release in 2024

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- Apple has reportedly canceled its plans to release the iPhone SE 4 in 2024. 

According to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, the Cupertino-based company informed its suppliers of the decision. 

Apple had planned to introduce its first in-house 5G chip with the fourth generation iPhone SE, but this will now not be happening. 

Instead, Kuo says that Apple will continue to use Qualcomm's 5G chips in its phones, including the iPhone 16 series, in 2024. 

"Because the in-house baseband chip performance concerns may not be comparable to Qualcomm, Apple originally planned to launch its own baseband chip in 2024, and the low-end iPhone SE 4 adopted it first," Kuo said. 

However, after evaluating the situation, it was decided that the chip may also be used for the iPhone 16 in the future. 

"However, the cancellation of the iPhone SE 4 significantly increases the possibility that Qualcomm will remain the exclusive supplier of the baseband chip for the iPhone 16 series," Kuo added. 

In December of last year, Kuo had already predicted that Apple might cancel or delay the release of the iPhone SE 4 due to lower-than-expected shipments of lower-midrange iPhones such as the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 mini, and newly released iPhone 14 Plus.

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