Gov't Injects IDR 7.5 Trillion into Garuda (GIAA) to Ensure Continued Operations and Service to the Public

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- Indonesia's Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, has revealed the government's reasons for injecting IDR 7.5 trillion (approx. $530 million) into PT Garuda Indonesia (GIAA). According to Indrawati, the move was made to ensure that Garuda Indonesia can continue to operate and serve the public.

"The state budget #uangkita is injecting IDR 7.5 trillion into Garuda so it can fly and operate again in serving the people of Indonesia," Indrawati said on her official Instagram account, as quoted on Saturday (1/7/2023).

She assured that this capital injection will be monitored by the government and the public. "The government and the people of Indonesia will oversee [it]," she continued.

The Finance Minister hopes that the directors and commissioners will be able to manage this professionally, with the goal of making Garuda Indonesia a source of pride for Indonesia.

"I hope that the directors, commissioners, and all of Garuda Indonesia will manage [the funds] professionally, competently, competitively, efficiently, and honestly, so that state funds can truly advance Garuda Indonesia to become a source of pride for Indonesia," she said.

Previously, Garuda Indonesia officially received a IDR 7.5 trillion capital injection from the government. The CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, explained that this injection will strengthen the company's efforts to accelerate the recovery of its business performance, which is aligned with the government's commitment to the realization of this injection as support for the acceleration of national economic recovery.

Setiaputra explained that this capital injection is a milestone for Garuda as the national flag carrier to continue to make optimal contributions to the public amid the momentum of national economic recovery, particularly in the tourism sector. These contributions include improving accessibility and providing competitive, safe, and comfortable flight services.

Setiaputra also revealed that the ongoing support provided by the government in this phase of performance recovery is certainly a significant indicator of the trust of the state in the outlook of performance and the role of Garuda as an inseparable part of the nation's economic wheel.

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