Huge Singaporean Investor Set to Take Over CBRE in Major Corporate Action: Insider Reveals All!

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-- The signal for corporate action at PT Cakra Buana Resources Energi Tbk (CBRE) is becoming clearer. 

A source close to the company has stated that the company, controlled by the "circle" of Happy Hapsoro, will see the arrival of investors from Singapore. 

"We will have a giant investor from Singapore," said the anonymous source. When asked about the scheme for the investor's entry, whether through a Rights Issue or Private Placement, purchase from existing shareholders, or through secondary market purchases, the source stated that the corporate action is still being discussed with the investor. 

"We can't disclose this yet because we are still discussing it with the investor," the source said. Previously, rumors of corporate action within CBRE had been heard by investors through the company's press release issued after its initial public offering (IPO) a week ago. 

Referring to the company's press release, CBRE is preparing for further corporate action following the successful IPO and obtaining funding of almost Rp 80 billion. 

"Given the high enthusiasm of investors, the company's future corporate action will not only stop at the initial offering and the management will always prioritize good corporate governance in running the company," the company wrote in its official release. 

CBRE itself has recently listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) on January 9, 2023 at a price of Rp 108/unit and raised Rp 79.7 billion using RHB Sekuritas as its underwriter. 

On today's trading, CBRE closed in the green zone with an increase of 4.72% at a price of Rp 155/unit. Since listing, foreign investors have recorded net purchases of Rp 1 billion in the secondary market.

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