Indonesia Prepared to Export Over 500 Million Tons of Coal in 2023

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Receh.in - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, announced that Indonesia is ready to export more than 500 million tons of coal, specifically 518 million tons, this year. In his presentation, Arifin mentioned that the target for coal exports this year has increased to 518 million tons, compared to the 494 million tons achieved last year.

"Our target for coal exports is above 500 million tons. The coal price is still quite good, our estimate for 2023 is due to the global energy balance issue which still needs support from coal," he said at a press conference at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources office on Monday (30/1).

The government targets a total of 695 million tons of coal production in 2023, with 518 million tons for export and the rest, 177 million tons, for domestic consumption. Meanwhile, Indonesia's coal production last year reached 687 million tons, exceeding the target of 663 million tons. Arifin said the increase in production was due to high demand.

Domestic coal consumption also increased in 2022, from the target of 166 million tons to 193 million tons. However, this year, the government has set a target of 177 million tons, lower than the previous year, for domestic coal consumption.

"Why did it decrease (from 193 million tons to 177 million tons)? This is because there are ongoing programs for efficiency to reduce emissions and efficiency from coal-consuming power plants," he added.

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