Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BRIS) Achieves Impressive Performance in 2022

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- PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BRIS) has announced a positive performance throughout 2022. Despite the challenging year, BSI successfully recorded a 41% growth in net profit, or almost Rp 4.26 trillion.

BSI's CEO, Hery Gunadi, stated that the growth is higher compared to the national banking average and was achieved at the company's second anniversary. "BSI's performance in 2022 closed with an impressive figure. Assets grew by 15.24% to almost Rp 360 trillion. DPK grew 12% in December to Rp 261.41 trillion, financing quality was at 2.24%, and financing experienced a growth of 21.26%," he said at the BSI Global Islamic Finance Summit (GIFS) 2023 on Thursday (16/2/2023).

Hery also noted other positive performances in BSI's wealth management business, where the Fund Under Management (FUM) grew by 18.9% to almost Rp 61 trillion with a total of 54,300 priority customers or a growth of around 25.8%. "The growth was supported by the addition of products and services for customers, such as tax consulting services. So priority customers can receive free tax consultation services," explained Hery.

He added that BSI prioritizes offering wealth management services that provide a different experience from conventional banking wealth management. BSI also recorded an increase in BSI Mobile users in 2022 by approximately 39% or 4.81 million users. This is evidence of BSI's success in encouraging all customers to use digital services for financial activities. Meanwhile, only 3% of BSI's customers still use physical services by coming to branch offices.

In conclusion, BSI's impressive performance in 2022 highlights the success of the company's strategies in serving customers, particularly in the wealth management business and digital services.

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