ENAK to Open 35 New Outlets for Six Restaurant Brands in 2023

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 Champ Resto Indonesia Tbk (ENAK), a well-known restaurant chain in Indonesia, plans to open 35 new outlets for its six restaurant brands in 2023. The expansion is part of the company's continuous efforts to grow its business since 2022.

The six restaurant brands are Gokana, Raa Cha, Monsieur Spoon, Platinum, BMK, and Chopstix. According to the Chief Operating Officer of ENAK, Hade Mboi, the company opened 35 new outlets in 2022, with 16 new Gokana outlets, 13 new Monsieur Spoon outlets, including Dewata and Croco - a brand developed from Monsieur Spoon - and the remaining Raa Cha and Platinum Grill.

"Throughout 2022, Gokana and Raa Cha were more focused on suburban and non-Jabodetabek areas, while Monsieur Spoon was still focused on the Jabodetabek area," Hade said in a press statement on Thursday (16/2/2023).

In 2023, the company will continue its expansion efforts. As of early February, ENAK has signed more than 35 contracts for new outlet openings throughout the year, and this number is expected to increase.

"We are still focused on developing Gokana, Raa Cha, and Monsieur Spoon. Similar to 2022, the opening of Gokana and Raa Cha will be more focused on suburban and non-Jabodetabek areas, even outside of Java. In 2023, we plan to enter new cities in Java and Sumatra," Hade added.

Furthermore, the Chief Financial Officer of ENAK, Christopher Supit, stated that the company's net sales in 2022 reached around IDR 1.25 trillion. The net sales, which have not been audited, grew 60% compared to 2021, despite the Omicron variant in the early months of the year.

"We expect the company's financial performance to grow in line with the economic growth and outlet expansion in 2023, along with the lifting of the PPKM policy since early 2023," Christopher concluded.

ENAK's expansion plans in 2023 are expected to bring new dining experiences for Indonesians and help boost the country's economic growth.

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