Reducing Carbon Footprint: UNTR Explores Renewable Energy Ventures

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Tackling the imperative of carbon reduction, T United Tractors Tbk. (UNTR) has expressed its commitment to mitigating its carbon footprint across its business operations.

Corporate Secretary of United Tractors, Sara K. Loebis, elaborated on the company's multifaceted endeavors to curtail emissions originating from its operations across all business segments.

"Different business segments entail different efforts," she emphasized during a Journalist Workshop on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

Illustrating her point, she highlighted that emissions in the contractor mining business segment primarily stem from the heavy machinery operated by PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA).

To curtail emissions, UNTR has adopted the utilization of biofuel or renewable fuel sources.

"Regardless of the biofuel concentration, we have equipped our heavy machinery to adopt it. Higher biofuel content results in more substantial emission reductions," she added.

In addition, carbon footprint reduction is also being executed at the company's main office, which has received green building certification.

"We've even achieved the net-zero healthy building certificate. Thus, we're leveraging technological approaches to enhance environmental sustainability," she further explained.

Expanding on their initiatives, UNTR is also engaging in afforestation efforts for critical land areas to enhance carbon absorption.

"By calculation, we are poised to contribute to a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030," she supplemented.

On another note, Sara shared that UNTR is actively exploring opportunities to diversify its revenue streams through renewable energy ventures.

"Whether it's operating a power plant based on waste energy or geothermal sources, it's a part of our resilient business model," she affirmed.

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