Jalan Tol Solo-Yogyakarta-YIA Kulonprogo Highway Receives Funding Guarantee

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– The Solo-Yogyakarta-YIA Kulonprogo Highway, currently being constructed by PT Adhi Karya Tbk (ADHI), has received a funding guarantee through syndicated credit worth IDR 9.89 trillion.

ADHI's CEO, Entus Asnawi, stated that the funding guarantee was given to the managing body, PT Jogja Solo Marga Makmur (PT JMM). "PT JMM, as the managing body of the highway, has obtained syndicated credit facilities worth IDR 9.89 trillion," said Entus in a written statement on the BEI website on Tuesday (27/12).

This syndicated credit facility is supported by syndicated creditors, consisting of Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and BCA as Joint Mandated Lead Arranger & Bookrunner - JMLAB, along with the infrastructure financing agency PT Sarana Multi Infrasturktur (Persero) - SMI, and 9 other banks. Funding from this syndicated credit will be used for funding the implementation of Phase I construction, spanning 49.25 km.

“This highway will eventually connect two provinces between Central Java and Yogyakarta,”’ said Entus.

In Phase I of this highway construction, it consists of Section 1.1 Kartasura-Klaten, stretching 22.3 km, Section 1.2 Klaten-Purwomartani, 20.08 km, and then additional parts of Section 2.1 Purwomartani-Maguwoharjo, 3.63 km, and part of Section 2.2 Trihanggo-Junction Sleman, 3.25 km.

ADHI is responsible for carrying out construction work on Section 1.1 and Section 2.2, with progress on Section 1.1 reaching 45.9%. The Solo-Yogyakarta-YIA Kulonprogo Highway has a total length of 96.57 km. This route is part of the toll road network in the Joglosemar Golden Triangle - Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang region, and is one of the National Strategic Projects - PSN.

This highway will be connected to other Transjawa toll road networks, one of which is the Yogyakarta-Bawen toll road, which is also being constructed by ADHI. The role of the Joglosemar region will become increasingly important on the island of Java, in line with the construction of the currently underway highway route.

“As is known, the Joglosemar region is a supporting factor for economic, industrial, and tourism growth in the middle of Java Island,” said Entus.

Entus explained that the collaboration between ADHI, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., and other institutions aims to create a safe, comfortable, and safety-focused toll road infrastructure.

As the contractor, ADHI will provide its best work through reliable and quality construction techniques and will prioritize safety in the implementation of the project.

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