BEI Records 10 Listed Companies with Significant Decrease in Stock Value

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- According to statistics from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) covering the period of February 20-24, 2023, ten listed companies experienced a significant decrease in stock value this week. PT Pakuan Tbk (UANG), a golf course management company, led the top losers list with a decline of 20.98% from Rp610 to Rp482. This occurred following UANG's consecutive five-day downward trend.

Throughout the week, a total of 877,000 UANG shares were transacted with a net value of Rp491 million. Meanwhile, PT Bersama Zatta Jaya Tbk (ZATA), an emiten based in Sultan Subang, also joined the list of top losers. ZATA fell 16.18% from Rp68 to Rp57 last week.

A total of 187.3 million ZATA shares were traded with a net value of Rp12.5 billion. ZATA also ended up in the red for four consecutive days. Based on BEI data cited on Saturday (25/2/2023), the following are the top ten companies with significant decreases in stock value this week:

  • PT Pakuan Tbk (UANG) declined 20.98% from Rp610 to Rp482
  • PT Meta Epsi Tbk (MTPS) plunged 18.67% from Rp75 to Rp61
  • PT Garda Tujuh Buana Tbk (GTBO) stumbled 18.59% from Rp156 to Rp127
  • PT Cakra Buana Resources Energi Tbk (CBRE) slid 17.57% from Rp74 to Rp61
  • PT Ketrosden Triasmitra Tbk (KETR) dropped 16.67% from Rp228 to Rp190
  • PT Bersama Zatta Jaya Tbk (ZATA) fell 16.18% from Rp68 to Rp57
  • PT Nusantara Almazia Tbk (NZIA) weakened 15.91% from Rp264 to Rp222
  • PT Bintang Samudera Mandiri Lines Tbk (BSML) declined 15.69% from Rp408 to Rp344
  • PT Indosterling Technomedia Tbk (TECH) eased 15.50% from Rp1,000 to Rp845
  • PT Bangun Karya Perkasa Jaya Tbk (KRYA) dropped 15.43% from Rp188 to Rp159.

The BEI's statistics indicate that the companies' declines were due to a variety of factors, including market uncertainty, declining demand, and weak corporate performance. These companies' performances serve as a reminder to investors to exercise caution when making investment decisions.

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