Telkom Unveils Cutting-Edge Data Center in Tanjung Karang

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Venturing into the realm of technological innovation, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (TLKM), the state-owned enterprise, proudly inaugurated the neuCentrlX Tanjung Karang data center. This strategic move stands as a testament to TLKM's relentless commitment to propelling the expansion of cutting-edge data services within the bounds of Sumatra.

Bogi Witjaksono, the Director of Wholesale & International Services at Telkom, elucidated that the neuCentrIX Tanjung Karang's state-of-the-art facilities transcend geographical boundaries, catering to both domestic and international digital stakeholders.

"In the wake of neuCentrIX Tanjung Karang's establishment, we anticipate a substantial contribution to the augmentation of telecommunication quality and the IT ecosystem throughout the Lampung region," he articulated in an official statement released on Thursday, August 24th.

Djatmiko, the EVP of Telkom's Regional Division I for Sumatra, conveyed that a remarkable 30% of the racks in the neuCentrIX Tanjung Karang are already occupied. This, he emphasized, signifies a resoundingly positive response from the industry players.

"This attests to the enthusiastic embrace of the digital ecosystem within the vicinity of Lampung towards the arrival of the fifth neuCentrIX facility on the shores of Sumatra," Djatmiko enthusiastically affirmed.

Envisioning Sumatra, TLKM not only operates five data centers across key cities like Medan, Batam, Pekanbaru, and Palembang, but also aspires to establish data centers across 23 different locations spanning 17 major Indonesian cities.

Drawing insights from Telkom's Info Memo, it's revealed that data centers and cloud services amassed a staggering revenue of Rp 837 billion during the first half of 2023. As of June 2023, TLKM takes pride in its extensive network of 30 data centers.

For a more granular breakdown, 25 of these data centers are nestled within the Indonesian archipelago, while the remaining five operate on international soil. In addition to Indonesia, TLKM's data center footprint extends to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Timor Leste.

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